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Ways Of Wearing These Characters’ Jackets


Nowadays many are coming across several jackets inspired from celebrities. Besides them, people are mainly focused on Superheroes’ outfits, but now a question arises, how such jackets can be of best use?” Different apparels of superheroes have their ways of using. Yes, some people assume that cosplay outfits won’t work for casual wearing purposes neither for offices, but there are some that can.

Let’s take a look at these jackets inspired from the characters of DC ComicsRed Arrow Jacket

Just take a look at this one. This right here is the Red Arrow Jacket, which you saw in the Arrow television series, worn by the character Roy Harper. Now in which way you will find this apparel best to be considered?  Do you think you can wear at work? You can try that for Casual Fridays as you won’t wear this continuously while working. For hangouts and other casual activities, you can work this out. Definitely, as a cosplay costume since it’s an inspired outfit of a superhero, you can dress like the Red Arrow for this particular occasion.

The Flash Red Jacket

You guessed it, the apparel from the Fastest Man Alive. Now instead of utilizing it just for costume and becoming a new version of The Flash at some conventions, you can even wear it on a date. Only if your girlfriend or wife is a huge comic book fan, otherwise don’t.  This will work best for casuals because it’s light, comfortable, durable and stylish; anybody around won’t stop staring at you. You can even consider this as your biker apparel since the elements included are of that sort such as the erect collar and zip cuffs. The Flash Jacket can make a biker clothing look even more incredible.

Superman Blue and Black Jacket

How about this one? The Man Of Steel Jacket, which the color does not resemble the original suit of Superman.  Heck, this apparel should not be ignored, as it is meant to be made for those who wants to enhance a new styling approach, which by the help of this outfit, it can help. Besides costume, you can wear this for casual hangouts. You can pull it off with a couple of slim fit jeans with sneakers; you can make this outfit look more like a modernized version Superman. You can try this tip.

Batman Black Jacket

Just like Superman outfit, the same you can do for Batman Jacket as well. Plus you can utilize for bike riding as well.

What you going to wear when Winter Approaches?

Bane Distressed Coat

You know it, the Shearling Bane Coat. It’s heavy, comfortable which features the shearling faux done inside, durable and the leather is strong, good enough to protect you from cool breeze. You can wear this at work, for casual events and even as a costume.

Bane Lovely Coat

Now some jackets from the characters of Marvel Comics.

Star Lord Outfit Costumes

The first one which is the Star Lord Coat, don’t think of casual styling it, neither for offices, it will only work as a costume. If you have checked the full details work done on the coat, it will create an awkward situation when you wear this and walk on the footpath. You’ll get the stare but not in a positive way.

The second which is the Guardians Jacket can work for all three.  It’s comfortable, light and the workings are not much as compared to the coat. This apparel got zip pockets outside and extra two made inside, perfect for your Smartphone and other valuables to be kept safely in there.

Star Lord Persona

Avengers Costumes

Starting from Hawkeye Coat, it’s beautiful and simple, not much workings done and the color combination is radical. Now that’s been described, for winter season it is appropriate because this will keep you warm. If you watched Avengers: Age Of Ultron, Jeremy Renner wore this outfit in the area filled with snow. So now you have the idea in which way you can wear this apparel.

Same for Captain America Jacket, it won’t weird you out if you wear this in public.  It’s a star jacket filled with the color combination of red, white and blue. For real you may have seen many weirdos wearing that type of trouser, why not you wear this kind of jacket which is 1000 times better than those odd trousers. You can pair it up with slim fit denim jeans, sneakers or better yet boots, those short ones.  You can make this a biker jacket as well, no harm to that.

Now there’s one more you should take a look at, as it’s something unique:

Finn Star Wars Jacket

If you love Star Wars, you would know exactly who wore this jacket? Going to tell you anyways, the character Finn wore this and it’s not a costume if you ask. Why it’s not a costume? It’s just an ordinary jacket, Storm Trooper costume is, but not this one. You can easily wear for outings, but since Finn has been considered famous in term of his dress code; you can outfit yourself by wearing this Finn Jacket with black trouser and white sneaks. This type of apparel can be worn for all season, and is durable.

Now you know which characters’ jackets will work appropriate for which approach. That’s what Costumehype is all about.