Without a doubt, the zombie costume is the most commonly worn attire at Halloween parties. It perfectly complements the season, and everyone has his or her unique take on it. You can see how well they use their ideas from changing formal and sober looking costumes into the most dreadful thing you will ever come across. If you want, then you can even go as a zombie couple. In this guide, you can try on the most amazing looking zombie costume for men and women. Have a look, starting with the girls.

Zombie Girl Wig

Women’s Zombie Queen Wig
Available at Amazon: $11.32

Zombie Girl Costume

Living Dead Dress
Available at Amazon: $26.73

Zombie Girl Heels

Almond Toe High Heel Pumps
Available at Amazon: $17.99

Zombie Makeup Kit

Zombie Makeup Kit
Available at Amazon: $4

Zombie Grey Makeup

Zombie Grey Makeup Tube
Available at Amazon: $4.67

This is what you would need for the zombie costume for women. Short, simple, and definitely, worth it, this costume will make you look hot as well as scary. Now, it’s time for the guys’ zombie costume.

Zombie Guy Wig

Zombie Corpse Wig
Available at Amazon: $6.99

Zombie Guy Costume

Zombie Formal Costume
Available at Amazon: $31.73

Zombie Guy Pant

Skinny Straight Fit Work Pant
Available at Amazon: $18.99

Zombie Guy Shoes

Cap-Toe Oxford
Available at Amazon: $31.99

Going for a zombie costume needs a lot of hard work regarding makeup and outfits. But, at the end of the day, it does give you the utmost satisfaction when you see the outcome. This guide shows you the most reasonable items you can wear to look the best. Check out these zombie accessories.

Zombie FLats

Zombie Stomper Flat
Available at Amazon: $21.99

Zombie Socks

Zombie Leg High Socks
Available at Amazon: $12.10

Zombie Tshirt

If Zombies Chase Us I’m Tripping You T-shirt
Available at Amazon: $18.18

These are some of the best items on the net relating to zombies casual wear. However, makeup is vital, so make sure you go crazy on that, and ruin your outfits as much as you can if you have to. Visit Costumehype to see more DIY guides of every possible costume.