Wonder Woman


As compared to the comics, people nowadays prefer watching TV series, animated series, and movies about their favorite superheroes or teams. When it comes to Wonder Woman, the die-hard fans will remember very well that Lynda Carter acted as her in a TV series in 1975. It was the origins of Wonder Woman and showed why she is known as the Amazon. She is princess who rescues Steve Trevor after his crash landing on her island. Superhero costumes are never outdated so here is the Wonder Woman costume that is famous to today.

Wonder Woman Wig

Wonder Woman Costume Wig
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Wonder Woman Full Costume

Sexy Superhero Costume
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Wonder Woman Gold Cuff

Wonder Woman Cuffs
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Wonder Woman Official Boots

Women’s Gogo Boots
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You can wear this Lynda Carter’s Wonder Woman costume at any event and look hot as ever. This is one of the most worn and famous costumes of Wonder Woman. Women love showing of their figure so this is the best one for them.

Wonder Woman Red Tshirt

Wonder Woman Gold T-shirt
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Wonder Woman Black Tshirt

Wonder Woman Adult T-shirt
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There are Wonder Woman t-shirts you can order as well to show your love for her. Leave your feedback about this DIY guide.