If there is anything that women would love to dress up as, other than the girl related stuff, is a unicorn. For some reason, this fictional creature has a certain charm about it that fascinates any onlooker. However, the only problem is that nobody wants to wear a latex mask of a horse and roam around. Although that’s the main element of a unicorn costume, you wouldn’t want to bump into things or hit someone with it. Don’t worry, this unisex guide will try to keep the look faithful and simple.

Unicorn Hoodie

Adult Hoodie Costume
Available at Amazon: $30.91

Unicorn Sweatpants

Classic Sweatpants with Pockets
Available at Amazon: $13.53

Unicorn Sneakers

Skateboard Sneakers
Available at Amazon: $13.99

You need just three items to complete your unicorn halloween costume. You don’t need a mask or hoofs or tail. As long as you got a cute unicorn costume, you are ready to go. It’s quite easy and convenient for a regular wear as well.

Unicorn Tshirt

Unicorn Shirt
Available at Etsy: $25

Unicorn Toy

Misty Unicorn
Available at Amazon: $11.24

Unicorn Slippers

Unicorn Slippers
Available at Amazon: $9.95

Unicorn Speaker

Unicorn Speaker
Available at Amazon: $18.50

Check out the useful unicorn inspired accessories like the speaker and slippers. You can get the look you want by following this simple DIY guide. Judging by the items, this is one of the best items that you can come up with at the last minute. Keep visiting us for more costumes and spread the word.