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The Slender Man


If you are creative, and your creation can have an enormous impact on people, then you can control the people’s beliefs. This fictional character is one the best examples of creativity. It’s known as The Slender Man. He’s a scary figure that stalks and kidnaps children. People have edited this intimidating looking person and put him in images where he looks like he’s traumatizing kids in a playground etc. Slenderman has become an internet sensation with memes and posters and even games made in his honor. Although he is not real and people have begun to believe that too, he is a great option for a Halloween costume. This is what you will need to have the daunting Slender Man costume.

Slender Man Mask

Morphmask Original
Available at Amazon: $14.76

Slender Man Gloves

Cotton Parade Glove
Available at Amazon: $3.99

Slender Man Tie

Mens Solid Color Black Ties
Available at Amazon: $7.95

Slender Man Shirt

Long Sleeve Dress Shirt
Available at Amazon: $11.54

Slender Man Suit

2 pc 2 Button Premium Slim Fit Suits
Available at Amazon: $64.99

Slender Man Shoes

Ipswich Lace-Up
Available at Amazon: $37.99

Wearing a formal suit as a costume, now that’s what you don’t see every day. Regardless of your height, you can easily pull of this ‘slender’ look. But, if you are 6” and above, you will kill it! So try out this Slender Man costume at your next costume party.

Slender Man Tshirt

Slenderman Anime Kids T Shirt
Available at Amazon: $23.99

Slender Man Black Tshirt

Black Slenderman for Men’s T-Shirts
Available at Amazon: $19

Slender Man Hoodie

Slender Man Sweatshirt Hoodie
Available at Amazon: $25.95

No doubt, these are some cool Slenderman clothing to wear on a regular basis, making you look trendy even in your casual style. If you need to find out or know more about how you can have the best costumes for Halloween or parties then Costumehype is the place for you.