Sugar Skull


Often people get confused and call this a new version of the skeleton costume. Just as almost everything gets an upgrade as years pass on, they believe that this one is too. It may have skeleton features, but this isn’t a skeleton costume. The name for it is sugar skull costume. The reason is that on The Day of the Dead or All Souls’ Day, people often go to the stores to buy a skull, made of either wood or candy, and present it as an offering for the deceased. The name of the loved one is written in a foil and stuck on the head of the skull. You normally get edible ones as well that’s obviously meant for the kids. This has become a tradition in some countries and to celebrate it, people dress in costumes. Here’s how you can have a sugar skull costume.

Sugar Skull Men Mask

Temporary Face Tattoo Kit
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Sugar Skull Men Costume

Men’s Senor Bones
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Sugar Skull Men Gloves

Skeleton Pattern Gloves
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Sugar Skull Men Shoes

Oxford Shoes
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So the men can wear something classy and have a traditional look of a Mexican senor, a common Day of the Dead costume for men. For the women, you’ll can wear something elegant and pretty with a haunted twist to it. Check it out.

Sugar Skull Women Mask

Sugar Skull Makeup Tattoo
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Sugar Skull Women Veil

Headband-Veil Set
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Sugar Skull Women Gloves

Satin Dress Gloves
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Sugar Skull Women Costume

Spanish Lady Costume
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Sugar Skull Women Pumps

Platform Pump
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…And that is what the women can wear as their sugar skull costume. It’s really simple, comfortable, and less complicated regarding the items. The best makeup kit for this costume is included in the list so follow this DIY guide step by step.

Sugar Skull Women Tshirt

Short Sleeve Sugar Skull T-Shirt
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Sugar Skull Black Tshirt

Black Sugar Skull T Shirt
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Sugar Skull Black Women Tshirt

Floral Skull Ladies V-Neck T-Shirt
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These are some complimentary clothing that is related to the sugar skull theme. Men and women, it’s time to have a standout costume this Halloween. If you aren’t celebrating Day of the Dead, you can definitely celebrate Halloween. Costumehype always makes sure to give you the simplest DIY guide for any costume.