Steve From Minecraft


When it comes to wearing costumes, there is no shortage of ideas or inspirations. Costumes can look simple and even very bizarre. It all depends on the confidence to go ahead with the decision. Wearing the Minecraft costumes is unusual but very cool at the same time. Very few people wear a pixilated costume on Halloween. This guide will show you how with these simple items, you can have the Steve Minecraft costume. Instead of dressing up in a full cardboard built costume, we will make things easier for you. After all, you need to feel comfortable to move around in.

Minecraft Steve Helmet

Minecraft Box Heads, Steve
Available at Amazon: $15.39

Minecraft Steve Tshirt

Men’s Wicking T-Shirt
Available at Amazon: $4.99

Minecraft Steve Pants

Twill Jean Pants
Available at Amazon: $19.76

Minecraft Steve Boots

Lace-up Moc-toe Boot
Available at Amazon: $98

Minecraft Steve Weapon

Foam Diamond Pickaxe
Available at Amazon: $11.65

Steve is the lead hero in the game where all you have to do is build blocks. This Minecraft costume requires less work. All you need is to place your order for these items. You can try out other random Minecraft accessories.

Minecraft Hoodie

Creeper Zip-up Hoodie
Available at Amazon: $21.40

Minecraft Shirt

Minecraft T-shirt
Available at Amazon: $22.22

Minecraft Bag

Minecraft Creeper Backpack
Available at Amazon: $19.90

These items are helpful in your daily life. We have plenty of DIY costume guides of games and to find out more, you can visit the Games category on the site.