Star Lord


Back in the summer of 2014, Guardians of the Galaxy was set for release. It was a film where people thought it wouldn’t live up to the quality of Marvel films. A couple of months later, it became one of the highest-grossing superhero films. And, the star that stood out was none other than the lead hero, Star-Lord. Chris Pratt played the hero in the film and had become one of the most talked about actors. Star-Lord is a character he will always be remembered for, as well as his costume. If you ever wanted to dress like the coolest hero in the galaxy, here is how you can have the best-looking Star Lord costume.

Star Lord Helmet Set

Painted Mask+Orb+Headphone+Walkman Model
Available at Amazon: $159.99

Star Lord Jacket

Star Lord Galaxy Red Leather Jacket
Available at Amazon: $119

Star Lord Belt

Star-lord Belt
Available at Amazon: $32.90

Star Lord Pant

Motorbike Waterproof Trouser
Available at Amazon: $59.99

Star Lord Chaps

Grippy Grain Half Chap Tall
Available at Amazon: $39.96

Star Lord Shoes

Diameter-Garzo Loafer
Available at Amazon: $28.29

Star Lord Blaster Gun

Star-Lord Quad Blaster
Available at Amazon: $34.99

It’s your time to shine in this Star Lord costume. The specialty about this costume is that people spend days and weeks trying to get the best-looking accessories to match the costume. They even spend much more than they should. You don’t need to worry because you’ll get quality with these items.

Star Lord Tshirt

Legendary Outlaw Grey Shirt
Available at Amazon: $13.36

Star Lord Movie Posters

Original Movie Poster Bundle
Available at Etsy: $65

Star Lord Mask Tshirt

Star Lord T-shirt
Available at Amazon: $7.27

These complimentary accessories of the superhero you can have as well. Dressing up as a superhero has been everyone’s desire. You can now fulfill it by following this DIY guide. It doesn’t get any more easier than this.