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Snow White


Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs was one of the most entertaining and all time favorite films when we were toddlers. The 1937 animated film was such a huge hit that it won an Oscar. Other than that, watching how it all panned out with the twists and a happy ending, the kids loved and still remember it 10 to 20 years later. Movies or characters that stay in our memories for decades, shows the impact it had on us growing up. Those were the true fairy-tales. Parents, who have watched the movie when they were young, dress up their daughters as Snow White. Here is the guide to have an adult Snow White costume.

Snow White Dress

Snow White Costume
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Snow White Cape

Snow White Cape Standard
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Snow White Shoes

Pointed-toe Flats
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The Snow White costume doesn’t require many items as these will give you the perfect look of the character. All you need is a dress, shoes, and her red cape and you are ready. There are other authentic items you can order of Snow White.

Snow White Keychain

Snow White Figure Key Chain
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Snow White Top

Snow White Portrait Top
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