There are thousands of costumes that you can wear for Halloween or any other house costume parties. I have said many times that there are no limitations or restrictions when it comes to taking ideas or inspirations, even if it comes to taking ideas from the animal kingdom. It’s all about how well you can carry out your look. From the animal kingdom, here is the DIY guide of a Shark costume. As sharks are one of the most ruthless and dangerous species of aquatic animals, their costume might say otherwise. This is how you can dress up as the ‘sand shark’.

Shark Costume

Men’s Sand Shark Adult
Available at Amazon: $20.89

Shark Inner Tshirt

Long-Sleeve T-Shirt
Available at Amazon: $18.99

Shark Jeans

Straight-Leg Luxe Performance Jean
Available at Amazon: $51.83

Shark Inner Sneakers

LTT Fashion Sneaker
Available at Amazon: $44.29

If you want to wear the Hammerhead Shark costume then here is what you will need. If you read about Hammerhead sharks, you’ll come to know that they can be cool creatures. Here is what you need.

Hammerhead Shark Costume

Hammerhead Shark
Available at Amazon: $35.59

Hammerhead Shark Pant

Active Walking Trousers
Available at Amazon: $24.70

Hammerhead Shark Shoes

Air Jordan Basketball Shoe
Available at Amazon: $73.85

You can now easily choose between the sand shark and the hammerhead shark costumes. They don’t require many items. No matter what the occasion is, this shark costume will make you stand out among the rest.

Shark Socks

Shark Bite Socks
Available at Amazon: $8.68

Shark Funny Tshirt

Sharks Will Kill You T Shirt
Available at Amazon: $16.99

Shark Necklace

Real Shark Tooth Necklace
Available at Amazon: $8.15

Here are some interesting items related to the shark costume. They can be used daily or as a fashionable item. These are one of the best choices for last minute costume ideas. Keep visiting Costumehype.com for more info on DIY costumes.