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Sailor Moon


Anime TV shows and movies are very famous in Asia. At grand events like comic con, you will see tons of people dressed up as anime characters, sometimes looking very similar. One of the classics anime series is Sailor Moon. It aired during the early 90’s and took the world by storm. Girls wore costumes from this series to go either go solo or in a group. The lead character in this series is Usagi Tsukino aka Sailor Moon. The Sailor Moon costume is still popularly worn today and here is how you can achieve a very realistic look.

Sailor Moon Wig

Sailor Moon Braided Cosplay Wig
Available at Amazon: $29.99

Sailor Moon Earrings

Sailor Moon Earrings
Available at Amazon: $16.50

Sailor Moon Costume

5pc Sailor Moon Costume
Available at Amazon: $38

Sailor Moon Boots

Women’s Lust-3000 Boot
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Sailor Moon Stick

Moon Stick
Available at Amazon: $90

These simple, reasonable, and perfect items will make your appearance exactly like Sailor Moon. 2016 is the year for you to wear something new, so why not wears this. An anime costume like this can make you look attractive.

Sailor Moon Necklace

Sailor Moon Alloy with Rhinestone Necklace
Available at Amazon: $2.99

Sailor Moon Toy

Sailor Moon Action Figure
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Sailor Moon Glowing Necklace

Sailor Moon Glowing Necklace
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Order these exceptional items of Sailor Moon and make them part of your daily attire. Don’t forget to let us know about your experience with this guide. Keep visiting us for more and more costumes.