Rosie the Riveter


It’s always a very common thing when the comparison of women with men is concerned. Women are trying their best to show that they are equal to men by doing the same work they do. And, in some places they have. The argument about who is the better gender will never end. When it comes to women power, there is no other down to earth character than Rosie the Riveter. Many have seen the ‘we can do it!’ slogan with a woman flexing her arm, but hardly anyone knows the reason behind it. The reason behind is that this was an iconic image that represented the women that made weapons and controlled machines during WWII. Here is what you will need to have the complete Rosie the Riveter costume.

Rosie Headband

Polka Dot Fabric
Available at Amazon: $3.60

Rosie Coverall

Cotton Coverall
Available at Amazon: $50

Rosie Red Socks

Classic Crew Sock
Available at Amazon: $11.20

Rosie Boots

Lace Up Zipper Military Boots
Available at Amazon: $24.50

It does look simple and less time consuming. That’s what makes this one of the most convenient costumes you will find on this site. The Rosie the Riveter costume doesn’t require much hard work, except waiting patiently for your order to come. If you want to compliment your costume with a few items then here are some pins you can use.

Rosie Official Pin

2.25” Pinback Button
Available at Amazon: $6.50

Rosie Pin

We Can Do It Button
Available at Amazon: $6.99

Rosie Travel Cup

Rosie the Riveter Travel Lid
Available at Amazon: $26.99

The travel lid is a great item to take along with you anywhere. Visit Costumehype daily to find more and more DIY costumes for any dress up event. Not only can the items be used for costumes but also for everyday use.