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Robin from Arkham City


As a superhero, when you reached your prime and are too old to continue crime fighting, you need someone to take over from you. That’s where you scout for a potential sidekick that has the same passion as you to keep the city free from harm. From DC comics, one iconic sidekick comes to mind from the Bat family. That sidekick is none other than Robin. DC fans would obviously know that there were quite a few people, boys and girl, who took up the ‘Robin’ moniker. This costume, however, is from Arkham City. This is the Tim Drake Robin costume.

Robin Mask

Robin Leather Mask
Available at Ebay: $39

Robin Cape

Arkham City Robin Cape
Available at Etsy: $72

Robin Vest

Arkham City Robin Leather Vest
Available at Americanleatherjacket: $129

Robin Armguards

Mild Steel Functional Bracers
Available at Amazon: $79.99

Robin Gloves

Military Gear Tactical Gloves
Available at Amazon: $16.98

Robin Belt

Military Canvas Web Belt
Available at Amazon: $7.16

Robin Pant

Ripstop TDU Pants
Available at Amazon: $29.99

Robin Shinguard

Leatt Knee & Shin Guard
Available at Ebay: $49.99

Robin Boots

Black Mens Boots
Available at Ebay: $54.25

Robin Staff

Elite Competition Bo Staff
Available at Karatesupply: $54.99

It does look badass doesn’t it? No offense to the other classic Robin costumes but this looks more intimidating and cool than the first Robin we all know. Do try out these items as this is the closest you will get to have a Robin costume from Arkham City.

Robin Teddy

Backpack Clip Robin
Available at Jet: $9.99

Robin Action FIgure

Robin Action Figure
Available at Toywiz: $49.99

Robin Pillow

Throw Pillow Robin
Available at Society6: $20

Here are some complimentary items that very few people would know. These Robin accessories prove that you are a fan of the Boy Wonder and DC comics. Not many people have the luxury of wearing this version of Robin’s suit. See more costume guides like this only on Costumehype.

Some online stores have shown their dedication by selling the Batman V Superman Jacket inspired from Dawn of Justice, but when comes to the outfit of Robin, it is more demanding which we wish to see both the character and the costume in the movie soon.