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Girls will be very familiar with Rapunzel. Simply because she is known as, the girl to not only have the longest hair but also has magic in them.  According to Tangled, the blockbuster movie she featured in, her hair measured 70 feet. Rapunzel is a very famous character for kids where they have to dress her up and comb her long hair. Nevertheless, she has become more famous courtesy of the movie, which did very well at the box office. First, the teenage kids and toddlers dressed up as Rapunzel for costume events. In this age, the adults got in on the craze and pulled off some incredible, realistic versions of the Rapunzel costume from Tangled. Here is how you can have yours.

Rapunzel Wig

Rapunzel Wig
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Rapunzel Dress

Tangled Rapunzel Anime Cosplay
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Rapunzel Shoes

Round Toe Ballet Flats
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…Three items, that’s all you need for your adult Rapunzel costume. The makeup selection depends on you. But remember, this is the costume of the adventure she goes on with Ryder, so you need to be slightly less generous with your makeup.

Rapunzel Tshirt

You Are My New Dream T-Shirt
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Rapunzel Keychain

Rapunzel Keychain
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Rapunzel Doll

Rapunzel Doll
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Rapunzel Doll HairSet

Rapunzel Hair Salon
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Here you have some Rapunzel items for the women of all ages. The t-shirt is one of the most uniquely designed clothing you’ll ever see while the kids can play with the doll set. So the next time you plan on going to a costume party, give this guide a try as Costumehype makes sure that you have the best-looking outfit at the most affordable rate.