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Queen of Hearts


Her name might be the Queen of Hearts but she is the merciless character you will come across. Often repeating her famous phrase, she spares no being when they have committed a mistake. She is a character from the renowned novel, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. She along with her husband, the King of Hearts who has little mercy, rules Wonderland. There have been many varieties of Queen of Hearts costume but here is the original one, with a fashionable touch.

Queen of Hearts FUll Costume

2 Piece Queen of Hearts Costume
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Queen of Hearts Earrings

Silver Teardrop Earrings
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Queen of Hearts Stockings

Thigh High Solid Opaque Socks
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Queen of Hearts Flats

Suede Ballet Flat Shoes
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It’s very hard to find a costume that looks as perfect as this one. No doubt, the dress looks a bit different but it does have a fashionable appearance to it. While others wear dresses that look a bit off, you can stay true to the novel by following this DIY guide.

Queen of Hearts Toy

Queen of Hearts Stuffed Toy
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Queen of Hearts Perfume

Queen of Hearts By Queen Latifah
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Here are some complimentary items you can have. The first is a stuff toy of the character that matches the dress perfectly and the second is Queen Latifah’s famous perfume. Stay tuned for more costume updates everyday on only Costumehype.