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Princess Leia (Slave)


The Star Wars movie series is one the most recognized series in all of the Hollywood and over the world. After Episode VII, those who never heard of Star Wars went on to take a keen interest in it. This was a franchise that people mostly forgot about or simply thought it was over. After the last film, fans thought that no other Star Wars movie could match the level. That was until The Force Awakens released and broke almost all the records. Each film had a unique factor that fans would remember for years to come just like this slave Leia costume worn by Carrie Fisher in Return of the Jedi.

Princess Leia Slave Wig

Princess Leia Wig
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Princess Leia Slave Costume

Deluxe Slave Costume
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Princess Leia Slave Armband

Arm Snake Bracelet
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Princess Leia Slave Shoes

Jerba Skin Shoes
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Are you ready to show off some skin? Are you prepared to show off your figure in the sexiest way possible? Then you should definitely go for this Princess Leia slave costume. Carrie Fisher may be too old to try this out, but you have the age and time on your side to do so.

Princess Leia Hotwheels

Star Wars Character Car 2-Pack
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Princess Leia Doormat

Princess Leia Indoor Rug
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Princess Leia Slave Bobblehead

Slave Leia
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