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Princess Jasmine


The 90’s were the decade where the Disney movies thrived. We got the opportunity to witness plenty of movies from the novels and books we used to read or the stories we heard from our elders. One of them was Aladdin. The tale of how a ‘street rat’ falls in love with a princess and wants to marry her turned into a movie in 1992. In this costume guide, you will learn how you can dress up as one of the iconic Disney princesses ever, Princess Jasmine. The female side of the Disney fan base has tried on many variations of the Princess Jasmine costume. Here you will get the one from the movie.

Princess Jasmine Wig

Princess Jasmine Costume Wig
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Princess Jasmine Dress

Jasmine Princess Costume
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Princess Jasmine Earrings

Jasmine Earrings
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Princess Jasmine Necklace

Jasmine Necklace
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Princess Jasmine Shoes

Pointed Toe Flat
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There you have it…the Princess Jasmine costume for the women to try at the next costume event in your area or anywhere else. Follow the DIY guide that will give you a perfect princess look from the movie, Aladdin. Below are a few items you can have a casual style.

Princess Jasmine Tee

Show Me the World Juniors T-shirt
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Princess Jasmine Makeup Kit

Jasmine Face Makeup Set
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We have also suggested a makeup set for you to try on with the costume to get Jasmine’s matching look. For more costumes of Disney characters, visit Costumehype’s Cartoon & Fairytales category.