The Pirate costume is one of the traditional costumes that people wear at dress up events. Moreover, over the years they have evolved to look darker, eviler, and more awesome. Men and women have a variety of costumes and color combinations to choose. In this DIY guide, you will find a trendy and special costume that you and your partner can wear. Starting with the costume for women, here is what you will need.

Women Pirate Hat

Pirate Hat
Available at Amazon: $6.79

Women Pirate Costume

Pirate Wench Adult
Available at Amazon: $24.97

Women Pirate Earrings

Pirate Compass Earrings
Available at Amazon: $7.99

Women Pirate Necklace

Skull Cluster Necklace
Available at Amazon: $5.34

Women Pirate Boots

Round Toe Dress Boot
Available at Amazon: $17.49

That was the pirate costume for women. It is simple, well resembled, and easily affordable to have the complete look. You got your necessary outfits with a couple of accessories. All you need is your dark makeup and you are done. Now let us move on to the men’s costume.

Pirate Headwrap

Head Wraps – Solid Black
Available at Amazon: $6.77

Pirate Black Shirt

Pirate Shirt
Available at Amazon: $15.82

Pirate Belt

Pirate Compass Belt
Available at Amazon: $29.95

Pirate Sword Holder

Sword Belt Hanger
Available at Amazon: $12.90

Pirate Sword

Training Sword
Available at Amazon: $29.99

Pirate Trousers

Pirate Costume Trouser
Available at Amazon: $25

Pirate Boots

Carribean Combat Boot
Available at Amazon: $53.99

Now with the above costumes, you and your partner will have great and comfortable outfits for themed events. It is guaranteed to give you a realistic look if you follow this pirate costume guide. Keep following this site for more costumes about various characters.