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Peter Pan


The Boy Who Wouldn’t Grow Up, or better known as Peter Pan, is one the oldest characters in the fairy-tale world, with the novel published way back in 1915. Peter Pan is someone everyone wished could be. Mainly because he could fly and who wouldn’t want that? He is a boy who never ages, hence the title ‘The Boy Who Wouldn’t Grow Up’. His main enemy is a pirate, and his good friends are children that are in the real world. If you knew who Peter Pan is then, you must have watched TV series, movies, or plays. As for the Peter Pan costume, this is how you can have on for yourself.

Peter Pan Tunic and Hat

Peter Pan Tunic and Felt Hat
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Peter Pan Pant

Phantom LT Tactical Pants
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Peter Pan Ears

Elf Ears
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Peter Pan Booties

Suede Boot Slippers
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This is the Peter Pan costume for you. It’s as simple as using your everyday items that aren’t useless after all. You can wear other Peter Pan accessories as part of your regular outfit. Have a look below.

Peter Pan Hat

Peter Pan Logo Beanie
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Peter Pan Tshirt

Peter Pan Shirt
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Peter Pan Toys

Peter Pan Tsum Tsum Set of 7
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Cute little soft toys, a t-shirt, and a beanie are not too shabby. Don’t worry, you won’t look weird even one bit. This Peter Pan costume guide is convenient. For every costume party, you want to attend, you can have a new costume for each, courtesy of Costumehype.