Nightwing is another member of the renowned Bat family. He is also a former Robin. As he grew big, he decided that he is ready to be on his own and start anew. That meant changing his overall look and name. From Robin, he became Nightwing. Just like there were many Robins, there were also many Nightwings. However, the Nightwing we popularly know of is the Dick Grayson one. Nightwing is a new generation superhero and fans of DC comics have tried to adopt his look by wearing the Nightwing costume. Have a look below on how you can dress like him.

Nightwing Mask

Nightwing Mask
Available at Etsy: $42

Nightwing Jackets

Nightwing Leather Jacket Costume
Available at Ebay: $129.99

Nightwing Gloves

Motorcycle Gloves
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Nightwing Pant

Black Leather Pant
Available at Ebay: $89.91

Nightwing Boots

Nightwing Boots
Available at Etsy: $200

Nightwing Escrima Sticks

Nightwing Escrima Sticks
Available at Etsy: $95

If you notice, there are not one but three jackets you can try out with the remaining items. Like that, for each costume event, you can go as a different Nightwing. It’s pretty awesome if you ask me. This DIY guide will make you look as dynamic as Nightwing does.

Nightwing Cap

Nightwing Logo Baseball Hat
Available at Valuefind: $18.99

Nightwing Toy

Classic Nightwing Figure
Available at Bambuzo: $68.74

Nightwing Tshirt

Nightwing Adult T-Shirt
Available at Amazon: $13.26

DC fans would be over the moon after seeing these authentic Nightwing accessories. It’s a bit different from the Nightwing logo t-shirts and Nightwing hoodies. More superhero costume guides are available in our ‘Comics’ category.