During the 80’s and 90’s, we have seen a lot of versatile films of every genre. Nowadays, we don’t get to see one style of acting as often as we like. It is the art of acting like a mime. No words, just simple hand movement, and facial expressions. Rather reminds you of Charlie Chaplin’s classic movies. Acting as a mime is an ancient art. People train hard to become a mime. Conveying a message or story to a viewer is not an easy task. But looking like them isn’t. This is what you will need for a mime costume.

Mime Beret

French Beret
Available at Amazon: $8.95

Mime Stripe Tshirt

Black & White Striped T Shirt
Available at Amazon: $24.95

Mime Neckerchief

Silky Neckerchief
Available at Amazon: $3.20

Mime Suspenders

Y Shape Adjustable Suspenders
Available at Amazon: $8.99

Mime Pant

Flat-Front Pant
Available at Amazon: $17.97

Mime Gloves

White Parade Gloves
Available at Amazon: $3.49

Mime Shoes

Giorgio Brutini Men’s 17564
Available at Amazon: $44.99

Mime Makeup

Clown White
Available at Amazon: $7.17

You may have seen mimes before as well. Their makeup varies, depending on the scene or the person. We have given you a white makeup, which is the fundamental thing you need to put on your face. If you would like to enhance it, then you can add some black detailing.

Mime At Work Tshirt

Mime At Work t Shirt
Available at Amazon: $19.99

Mime Hashtag Tshirt

Hashtag Adult Men’s T-Shirt
Available at Amazon: $19.99

Mime Couple Tshirt

Women’s Clown Vs Mime T Shirt
Available at Amazon: $23.99

These are some mime related t-shirts for women and men. It’s a nice outfit to add to your casual collection. It’s unique and cool at the same time, just like the DIY mime costume guide. Costumehype provides the best guides that can save your money and give you items you can use as long term on a regular basis.