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Mickey Mouse


The first name that immediately comes to mind regarding Disney is Mickey Mouse. For more than 80 years, the character has entertained us. Black and white or colored picture, it really didn’t matter how we watched him on TV, we as kids enjoyed it. We may have stopped watching his movies or cartoons as kids but wearing his red and black costume feels good at times. Kids aren’t the only ones wearing the Mickey Mouse costume, adults have worn it as well. Here is a guide for men on how they can dress up as Mickey Mouse for any event.

Mickey Mouse Headband

Mickey Mouse Ears
Available at Amazon: $6.94

Mickey Mouse Shirt

Long Sleeve T-shirt
Available at Amazon: $5.65

Mickey Mouse Gloves

Mickey Mouse Adult Gloves
Available at Amazon: $23.75

Mickey Mouse Shorts

Multi Pocket Work Short
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Mickey Mouse Pant

ColdGear Legging
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Mickey Mouse Shoes

Mickey Mouse Adult Slippers
Available at Amazon: $33.93

These are the few items you will need for your costume. They are affordable and very comfortable to wear in any environment. We not only suggest items that will look good but also those that you can be at ease in. Your Mickey Mouse costume guide is now complete and ready for you to try it in the future. Here are a couple of items you can have other than the costume.

Mickey Mouse Sweatshirt

Hipster Nerdy Sweatshirt
Available at Amazon: $28.99

Mickey Mouse Toy

Mickey Mouse Plush Toy
Available at Amazon: $16.49

Mickey Mouse Hoodie

Long Sleeve Hoodies
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Stay in touch for more costumes of Disney characters as Costumehype displays new DIY costumes every day. Let us know how it went after trying out our guides.