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Little Red Riding Hood


Little Red Riding Hood’s story was told to every toddler as a bedtime story. However, there have been a few variations when it came to the climax. Nevertheless, it was always a huge fan favorite among the fairy tales. It was short but very interesting, making it an all time classic. Everyone knows how the story goes but there have been a variety of Little Red Riding Hood costume. Nobody can confirm the official costume of the girl other than that she wore a red hooded cape. Here is the one presented to you.

Little Red Riding Hood Dress

Oktoberfest Waitress Dress
Available at Amazon: $169.99

Little Red Riding Hood Cape

Hooded Cape
Available at Amazon: $15.88

Little Red Riding Hood Socks

Vintage Lace Socks
Available at Amazon: $2.64

Little Red Riding Hood Shoes

Footlight Character Shoe
Available at Amazon: $15.27

Little Red Riding Hood Basket

Small Wood Basket
Available at Amazon: $15.99

Of course, how can the basket been left out. It’s an important part of the costume. Without it, your Little Red Riding Hood costume is incomplete. As usual, we have complimentary items you can have.

Little Red Riding Hood Hoodie

Women’s Little Red Riding Hood Hoodie
Available at Amazon: $42.99

It does look like a cool hoodie for girls to wear. Fan or not, this will definitely make you interested in Little Red Riding Hood. Also, if you want to go as couple or duo for costume parties then have a look at this for the men.

Little Red Riding Hood Wolf Costume

Men’s Wolf Granny Costume
Available at Amazon: $39.89

That’s right! It’s the Big Bad Wolf costume and could be a perfect couple costume. Hope you liked this DIY guide and will follow it one day. Visit Costumehype for more costumes in our various categories.