Link from Legend of Zelda


Video game lovers may have heard about a game known as Legend of Zelda released in 1986. The unique quality of games is that they never get old. Gamers of all ages play it to date. The game is simple, rescue the princess, and save the land. The character you have to complete this daunting task with is Link. The hardest thing to do is to replicate a game character’s costume. Today you will come to know how to look like one of the most famous characters in the history of video games. It is the guide to Link costume.

Link Wig

Link Cosplay Wig
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Link Ears

Elf Ears
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Link Costume

Link Adult Costume
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Link Boots

Dress Boot
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Link Shield

Link Shield
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Link Sword

Link Sword
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Link PJ set

Women’s Triforce Logo Pyjama Set
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Link Tshirt

Triumphant Triforce Shirt
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Link Bag

Triforce Black Laptop Bag
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