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Emmet from The Lego Movie


The Lego Movie was a unique film that nobody knew how it would turn out. Surprisingly, it did well at the box-office. With high ratings from one of the biggest critic sites, Warner Bros. proved that it could give stiff competition to the big franchises with movies as extraordinary as this. Nevertheless, with its popularity all over the world that first started out as a toy, people took inspirations and tried to adapt their Lego costume to the one from the film. Here is the DIY guide on how you can have Emmet’s costume. He was the central character in the movie. Check out the items below for the Lego man costume.

Lego Head

Emmet Costume Head
Available at Etsy: $180

Lego Emmet Costume

Characters Hoodie
Available at Amazon: $29.95

Lego Emmet Pant

Vintage Wash Pants
Available at Amazon: $41.32

Lego Gloves

Dress Gloves
Available at Amazon: $8.95

Lego Shoes

Fashion Sneaker
Available at Amazon: $29.08

Your Lego Halloween costume guide is now complete. Why spend thousands of dollars on a suit that can either make or break your Halloween spirit. You can save money and go for the closest looking items that can provide you the look of the character you want to dress up as.

Lego Alarm Clock

Emmet Figurine Alarm Clock
Available at Amazon: $19.80

Lego Backpack

Backpack Ninjago
Available at Amazon: $35.99

Lego Tshirt

Funny Retro Shirt
Available at Etsy: $11.99

If you love Lego or the movie or both then here are some items you can own. There is a t-shirt, which is general merchandise, but unique items like the alarm clock and backpack are very rare things. Place your order and use them daily. Check out more guides like this only on Costumehype.com.