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Iron Man


Out of all the superheroes, nobody can match the brains and creativity of Tony Stark. He designs costumes and weapons to incorporate them in the battles ahead. He is a human being that suits up in one of the coolest looking superheroes, Iron Man. Of course, other than being a superhero, he has billions of dollars to spend on helping the Avengers against various enemies. Iron Man is the co-leader of the team. His cool, awesome, carefree attitude has won over many fans, from teenagers to adults. The Iron Man costume is commonly worn on Halloween and Comic Con. Here is how you can have your Iron Man costume.

Iron Man Helmet

Mark 42 Adult Helmet
Available at Coolglow: $23.09

Iron Man Suit

Iron Man Motorbike Leather Suit
Available at Ebay: $325

Iron Man Gloves

Iron Man Gauntlet Glove
Available at Ebay: $38.99

Iron Man Boots

Men’s Hero 100 Boot
Available at Amazon: $31.30

It may not be the heavy duty, mechanical armor but this would work just fine. You can use sections of the items on the list in your daily life. The look of the Iron Man costume stays true to the appearance of the armors seen in the films.

Iron Man LED Tshirt

Tony Stark Light-Up Arc Reactor
Available at Amazon: $26.99

Iron Man Keychain

Iron Man Classic Face Keyring
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Iron Man Hoodie

My Iron Suit Hooded Costume
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Iron Man Tshirt

Avengers Age of Ultron Iron Darkness T-Shirt
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Those were some casual Iron Man clothing you can don the next time you go for a Marvel movie where Iron Man is featured. Wearing it at the screening of Civil War is a great idea to show your support for Iron Man. For DIY costumes like this, do check out Costumehype for more details.