Everyday occupational people can be an inspiration for you to dress up as. There is no limitation. It can be even the most ordinary people like a beggar, a construction worker, or even a gypsy. These types of options can be your last resort if you run out of ideas or need a last minute costume. This guide will show you how exactly you can have the most amazing fortuneteller look courtesy of this Gypsy costume guide. These people known as Romani often called gypsies, and they have mastered fortune telling for centuries. Here is how to dress like one.

Gypsy Scarf

Gypsy Wig with Scarf
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Gypsy Jewelry

Gold Necklace & Earrings
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Gypsy Jewelry Bracelet

Bracelet Gypsy Jewelry
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Gypsy Top

Pretty and Peasant Dress
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Gypsy Corset

Waspie Corset Waist Belt
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Gypsy Dress

Long Swing Maxi Skirt
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Gypsy Heels

Gypsy Sandal
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A gypsy needs to look fancy, attractive, and mysterious as well. These accessories will provide you that look. It doesn’t get any hotter than this. Women, you can now show off little skin and rock out the Gypsy costume.

Gypsy Unisex Tshirt

Blame My Gypsy Soul Shirt
Available at Etsy: $25

Gypsy Tshirt

Gypsy Tee Black Shirt
Available at Ebay: $23.99

Above are a couple of Gypsy related accessories to wear regularly. Thanks to this guide, you can pick out these necessary items and look like a gypsy. Costumehype has more costumes you can choose from so don’t forget to keep visiting as we update you on costumes from various categories.