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Godzilla is just as well known as any franchise in Hollywood. The King of the Monsters first made its appearance in 1954 titled the character’s name. It’s an iconic name in Japan as it is originated from there. It’s said that there has been a total of 30 films, two from Hollywood while the remaining from Japan.  The interesting part about Godzilla is that the people are still debating whether it is a hero or a villain. It’s obvious that there is always a massacre and destruction by the hands of the monster, but as the movie moves forward, people get a different picture when Godzilla is fighting another monster. As it is quite hard to replicate the Godzilla costume, here is one way how you can get the suit from the 2014 movie.

Godzilla Costume

Godzilla Adult Inflatable
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Surprised? Don’t worry, if you think you are going to stand like a statue, then you are wrong. You can walk, run, and even be able to sit. These costumes are upgraded with innovative ideas that will blow your mind. This inflatable but realistic looking Godzilla costume is really all you need.

Godzilla Kids Tshirt

I Love Tokyo Kid’s T-Shirt
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Godzilla Vintage Poster Tshirt

Vintage Godzilla Shirts
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Godzilla Gojira Tshirt

Gojira Poster Mens T-Shirt
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Godzilla Tshirt

Godzilla Big in Japan Women’s T-Shirt
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Godzilla Movie Tshirt

Godzilla Movie Logo T-Shirt
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Above is some clothing you can order or gift. These authentic licensed t-shirts are for kids, men, and women. There is a variety of shirts you can choose, from classic to the latest Godzilla movie. Give this Godzilla costume guide a try and let us know how it felt. These types of guides on Costumehype can help you save tons of money.