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Ghostbusters Costume For Halloween


Halloween is the only time where the majority of the people dress up as ghosts, gargoyles, zombies, and what not. In recent years, that trend took a slight twist with people dressing up as other things as ordinary characters, and this costume is one of them. From the movie that deals with exterminating ghosts, this is the guide for the Ghostbusters costume. The acclaimed 1984 comedy film’s suit has the Halloween theme to it, making it perfect for the annual event.

GhostBusters Costume

Ghostbusters Costume Googles

Goggle-Flip Front
Available at Amazon: $6.99

Ghostbusters Suit

Cotton Coverall
Available at Amazon: $27.29

Ghostbusters Gloves

Work Gloves
Available at Amazon: $24.21

Ghostbusters Bagpack

Ghostbusters Proton Pack
Available at Amazon: $199.99

Ghostbusters Shoes

Walking Shoe
Available at Amazon: $25.82

Ghostbusters Pin

Ghostbusters Movie Logo
Available at Amazon: $9.79

You don’t need heavy duty equipment like they used in the movie for your costume when you have these things. It’s comfortable, realistic, and enjoyable. The Ghostbuster costume can be your ultimate look for Halloween 2016. You can adjust your hairstyle according to your favorite Ghostbuster costume if you want.

Ghostbusters Tshirt

Men’s Logo To Go
Available at Amazon: $9.95

Ghostbusters Glow Tshirt

Glow in the Dark Mens T-Shirt
Available at Amazon: $12.92

Ghostbusters Keychain

Entertainment Key Chain
Available at Amazon: $8.98

Get some authentic merchandise and accessories for the Ghostbusters costume. It’s time to relive the glory days of one of the best comedy horror movies of the golden era. If you have no idea what to dress up as, other than ghostbuster costume then go for the guides on Costumehype.