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What we know about a ‘flapper’ might blow your mind when you see how they dress. They dress as if they belong to a high-class society where they spend money like it grows on trees. If you are still confused about what a flapper is or can’t recall what they look like, then watch The Great Gatsby. The movie is based around the 1920’s vintage background. Back then, there were women, who dressed lavishly, wore heavy makeup, and loved to go out every night to enjoy themselves to the fullest. If you are looking for the grandest looking costume for Halloween, then have a look at this flapper costume guide.

Flapper Headband

Pearl Headband
Available at Amazon: $7.13

Flapper Necklace

Pearl Knotted Long Necklace
Available at Amazon: $18.98

Flapper Earrings

Pearl and Pave Fireball Earrings
Available at Amazon: $14

Flapper girl costume dress

Cocktail Dress
Available at Amazon: $25.49

Flapper Bracelet

Crystal Bracelet Ring Set
Available at Amazon: $28.99

Flapper Ciggarette Holder

Cigarette Holder
Available at Amazon: $7.89

Flapper Heels

Dress Sandal
Available at Amazon: $20.80

Since this costume was inspired by free living teenagers of the early 1920’s, that shouldn’t stop the women who aren’t teens anymore from wearing this beautiful dress. There’s nothing flashy about it. It all depends on the dress and jewelry you wear, which you can find in this guide… and the makeup. For any costume event, dress elegantly as a flapper by following this complete DIY guide.