How can Santa’s little helpers be overlooked when it comes to bringing in the Christmas cheer. After all, it’s because of them that we get the toys we wish for. These cute little creatures are prominent members of Santa’s team, and they make one hell of a costume. They, along with a Santa Claus costume and a Reindeer costume, is very proudly worn during the Halloween season. Although they suit the Christmas season, that doesn’t stop people from restricting themselves to that. Here is how you can have an Elf costume for yourself courtesy of this DIY guide.

Elf Hat

Elf Hat
Available at Amazon: $9.80

Elf Ears

Elf Ear Tips
Available at Amazon: $6.99

Elf Tunic

Elf Tunic
Available at Amazon: $9.65

Elf Tights

Christmas Tights
Available at Amazon:  $2.49

Elf Shoes

Adult Elf Shoes
Available at Amazon: $11.65

These guides make your life much easier than to spend hours and hours on searching the items. These are the best and highly recommended items for the Elf costume. Try them out and see how it works for you.

Elf Pants

Microfleece Lounge Pants
Available at Amazon: $6.57

Elf Onsie

Unisex Elf Xmas Onesie
Available at Amazon: $22.65

Elf Tshirt

Elves Shirt
Available at Amazon: $16.99

Now with these complimentary items like the t-shirt and the pant, you can have all new seasonal look. They are extraordinary but very impressive. Costumehype is the most convenient platform for the best DIY guides of the most demanded and worn costumes. Check the website out.