Dark Angel


Many would know dark angels to be a symbol of bad luck and hate. But, nobody cares about that now. The dark angel costume is becoming a common outfit for Halloween costume functions. Some of the reasons are that it blends perfectly with the dark theme of the season, and it makes you look wickedly hot. Many women would prefer the angel costume as it is simple, elegant, and more towards the innocent side. While the dark angel is more towards the devilish side, but no doubt, you will look attractive. Here is what you will need.

Dark Angel Halo

Angel Halo Headband
Available at Amazon: $3.49

Dark Angel Dress

Gothic Long Dress
Available at Amazon: $129.99

Dark Angel Gloves

Fingerless Gloves
Available at Amazon: $9.99

Dark Angel Wings

Adult Angel Wing in Black
Available at Amazon: $37.15

Dark Angel Heels

Dress Sandal
Available in Amazon: $17.99

…And that’s how you can get your dark angel costume on a limited budget. The dress will give you the dark look you hope for in this costume. It’s the most basic looking costume that you wear confidently at your next dress up party. You are going to look stunning in it, guaranteed.

Dark Angel Tshirt

Fallen Angel T-Shirt
Available at Ebay: $22

Dark Angel Wings Sticker

Wings Angel Dark Sticker
Available at Amazon: $4.04

Dark Angel Bracelet

Angel Wing Bracelet Bangle
Available at Amazon: $12.88

As per Costumehype tradition, here are some useful and appealing accessories relating to the dark angel costume. They are unique and rarely noticed. Who knows, you may end up inspiring someone else to order these items after they see you in it. If you need more costumes like this, then keep visiting our website.