Creeper from Minecraft


You have seen Steve from the Minecraft game, now it’s about time that we turn our attention to one of the most lethal enemies in the game. They are known as the Creepers. This four-legged creature will blow you up if you aren’t aware of your surroundings. The Creeper is very hard to defeat in the pixilated world, hence giving gamers a tough time. These tall green creatures are quite famous for their costumes and ability. This easy guide will show how you can dress up in the Creeper costume for events like Halloween etc. It’s a very extraordinary and bold step but it’s definitely worth it.

Creeper Helmet

Minecraft Box Heads, Creeper
Available at Amazon: $24.60

Creeper Long Sleeve Tshirt

Long Sleeve T-shirt
Available at Amazon: $4.48

Creeper Jeans

Fit Colored Jeans
Available at Amazon: $24

Creeper Shoes

Skate Shoe
Available at Amazon: $61.19

You are getting a fashionable approach to a Creeper costume. It represents the true color of the character as well as granting you a unique take on it. No additional makeup is needed for this. These are all the items you will need. Check out some collectibles you can have as well.

Creeper Toy

Minecraft Creeper 7” Plush
Available at Amazon: $7.71

Creeper Shirt

Glow In The Dark T-shirt
Available at Amazon: $8

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