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Corpse Bride


Some horror movie characters’ stories start sweet like it’s the most important day or the happiest day of their lives. When you think everything is going to turn out well, something terrible happens to them. This is the story of Emily from the animated movie, The Corpse Bride. She leaves everything for her lover and does as he says only to be killed by him and be robbed. Since then, she has been searching for her true love. The corpse bride costume is still a favorite choice for the Halloween season. Here is what you need to dress like her.

Corpse Bride Wig

32 Inch Cosplay Wig
Available at Amazon: $14.99

Corpse Bride Costume

Corpse Bride Costume
Available at Amazon: $39.88

Corpse Bride Heels

Evening Dress Casual Pump
Available at Amazon: $4.99

Corpse Bride Roses

Black Rose Bouquet
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Corpse Bride Makeup

Blue Cream Makeup
Available at Amazon: $4.35

For the corpse bride’s makeup, you would need to watch the tutorial online so you can get a better idea of how to use the blue cream. Alternatively, you can just apply the blue cream to look like a decomposed body. Nevertheless, you are going to look amazing in your costume.

Corpse Bride Tshirt

Corpse Bride Adult T-Shirt
Available at Ebay: $19.95

Corpse Bride Tank Top

Women Printed Tank Tops
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Corpse Bride Leggings

Corpse Bride Print Leggings
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Women can place their order for the above items inspired by the movie. There is a unisex t-shirt there as well. Apart from that, you can easily don this attire at the next Halloween costume event and have everyone compliment your effort. There are more guides like this in our categories, so do have a look.