If you excelled in history or not, you will never forget the name of Cleopatra VII Philopator, better known as Cleopatra. Here is some information about her. She was a goddess and the last pharaoh of Egypt. After the murder of her husband, Caesar, she and Mark Antony ruled Egypt together. She was so devoted to him that she killed herself after he committed suicide when he lost a battle. That love story is still known today. Since she was an empress, she needed to wear the most gorgeous looking outfits to show her royalty. The Cleopatra costume is worn for every costume party all over the world. Women want to look like queens, and this costume provides them that luxury. Here is one of the most worn costumes, also what you will need to complete it.

Cleopatra Wig

Asp Headpiece
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Cleopatra Hairstyle

Queen Cleopatra Wig
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Cleopatra Dress

Cleopatra Adult Costume
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Cleopatra Bracelet

Swirl Snake Bangle
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Cleopatra Armband

Asp Adult Armband
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Cleopatra Heels

Gladiator Sandal
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This is what all you will need to dress like Cleopatra. From head to toe, you will have enough gold on you to make you look like a queen. You already have the dress and accessories, now you will need to most important thing that women can’t do without…makeup. This is the best makeup kit you will need because you need very few things to deck yourself.

Cleopatra Makeup Kit

Shimmering Cleopatra Makeup Kit
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It doesn’t end here. There are also some casual outfits you can try out. Have a look below at some items you can use in your everyday life.

Cleopatra Tshirt

Women’s O-neck Tee-shirt
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Cleopatra Pouch

Cleopatra Quilted Wallet
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You got everything you need right here. All you have to do is order it whenever you need it for a costume party. You are assured to have a mesmerizing impact just as Cleopatra did. Check out more attires like this in the Misc section.