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Any moviegoer would know what to expect when they see a cute, adorable looking doll in a horror movie. It starts out as an innocent-looking toy, and the owner loves playing with it but then, the next thing you know is that it’s traumatizing the entire family. That has been the case in recent films that went on to cement its legacy as one of the best horror movies of all time. In that list, there is a character named Charles Lee Ray. We all know him as, Chucky! He is tagged as one of the all-time greats when it comes to scary characters and has won an award to prove it. If you tend on frightening the kids this Halloween, then this Chucky costume is what you need.

Chucky Wig

Short Orange Cosplay Wig
Available at Amazon: $15.95

Chucky Mask

Chucky Mask
Available at Amazon: $194.01

Chucky Shirt

Striped Long-Sleeve Shirt
Available at Amazon: $18.90

Chucky Overall

Washed-Denim Overalls
Available at Amazon: $49.99

Chucky Shoes

Suede Sneakers
Available at Amazon: $29.99

It does look scary with the latex mask, doesn’t it? Well, you can literally scare the kids when they come for trick-or-treating. It is one of the most practical costumes that can offer you a terrifying look and make you look close to perfect.

Chucky Tshirt

Chucky Til Death T Shirt
Available at Ebay: $24.95

Chucky Logo Tshirt

Chucky Happy Couple T-Shirt
Available at Amazon: $13.26

Chucky Jailed Tshirt

Horror Suspects T Shirt
Available at Amazon: $14.95

Are they any Chucky fans out there? They can get these t-shirts. The Chucky costume here is so awesome that nobody would expect it to be a DIY costume. Even if the world doesn’t get scared, you can be happy about delivering the look of one the famous horror icons. Visit Costumehype every day for more DIY costumes that will come in your budget.