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Cheshire Cat


At times, the plot of a novel or fairy-tale can have more than two important characters. This character, as we will see today, is one of the most iconic and recognizable characters in the world of fairy-tales. It’s so popular that they have used it in a game called, Kingdom Hearts. This character is the Cheshire Cat. Through the many adaptions of the Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, Cheshire has had various looks. This guide will show you how to have the Cheshire Cat costume from the Kingdom Hearts game.

Cheshire Ears & Tail

Cheshire Ear and Tail Set
Available at Amazon: $12.95

Cheshire Costume

Fitted Striped Pajama
Available at Amazon: $19.99

Cheshire Gloves

Fingerless Fishnet Glove
Available at Amazon: $5.49

Cheshire Flat

Ballet Flats
Available at Amazon: $3.99

Who knew these simple looking items could be turned into a costume of one of the most famous Disney characters. An important thing to be taken into consideration is that it depends on you if you want to add the whiskers and other details by using makeup or no. Whatever your decision may be, just don’t forget any items on this list in creating the costume. Some complimentary items are featured below.

Cheshire Tshirt

We’re All Mad Girls T-shirt
Available at Amazon: $19.95

Cheshire Hoodie

Cheshire Cat Hoodie
Available at Etsy: $97

Cheshire Toy

Cheshire Cat 20” Plush
Available at Amazon: $14.99

Follow the guide and you will be contended with your very own version of the Cheshire Cat costume. We have much more from where that came from. So visit Costumehype and its categories for more DIY guides.