Catwoman From Dark Knight Rises


Whether it is a villain or superhero, fans love anything that has to do with comics. Collecting and reading comics was every kid’s most fond memory. From the superhero comics comes a character whose nature has confused the audience at times, whether she is a hero or a villain. She is Catwoman. It was confirmed, not only in the comics but on the big screen as well, that she is a villain. Anne Hathaway became Catwoman in Dark Knight Rises and was a thorn in Batman’s side but in the end helped him. There are many versions and looks of heroes, so here we present you the Catwoman costume from the movie.

Catwoman Full Mask

Mask and Goggles for Catwoman
Available at Amazon: $12.30

Catwoman Spandex Suit

Women Bodysuit
Available at Amazon: $16.99

Catwoman Long Gloves

Catwoman Leather Gloves
Available at Amazon: $4.25

Catwoman Utility Belt

Law Enforcement Pistol Belt
Available at Amazon: $15.95

Catwoman Boots

Thigh High Heels
Available at Amazon: $34.99

This is all you need to have a great DIY costume of Catwoman. It will make you look hot, sexy, and agile just like Catwoman. You can show off your figure in this spandex suit and ‘steal’ everyone’s attention. Here is some other merchandise that you can have of Catwoman.

Catwoman Gray Tshirt

Catwoman Logo T Shirt
Available at Amazon: $23.99

Catwoman Pink Tshirt

Catwoman Tee Shirt
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Catwoman 9 Lives Tshirt

Catwoman You Only Live 9 Times
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Catwoman Black Tshirt

Catwoman In Purple Shadow
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Hope you will try out this Catwoman costume along with the t-shirts. Stay tuned for more guides like this.