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Halloween is the best time to dress as the scariest thing you can think of. Obviously, there are many characters in the modern era horror movies that come to mind. But, what if you have the chance to dress up as the character that many people forgot or have less knowledge because of how old he is? Well, the late 80’s and early 90’s folks would clearly remember one character. His name is Betelgeuse, better known as Beetlejuice. Michael Keaton, a former Batman, suited up as the adrenaline packed ghost in the movie titled the character’s name. Here is how you can go for the Beetlejuice costume.

Beetlejuice Wig

Beetlejuice White Wig
Available at Amazon: $7.30

Beetlejuice Suit

Beetlejuice Costume
Available at Amazon: $9.70

Beetlejuice Shoes

Ipswich Lace-Up
Available at Amazon: $49.95

Beetlejuice Makeup

Beetlejuice Makeup
Available at Amazon: $14.27

You will be having a pair of black shoes, so you can wear that if you want. The object of this costume is too look as ‘dead’ as possible. So mess yourself up completely. No corpse is dressed neat and tidy. If you are wondering about the makeup kit, then order the one from the guide for a better look.

Beetlejuice Quote Tshirt

Beetlejuice T-Shirt
Available at Amazon: $9.99

Beetlejuice Grunge Tshirt

Beetlejuice Grunge Look T shirt
Available at Amazon: $19.99

Beetlejuice Womens Tshirt

Beetlebuster T-Shirt
Available at Amazon: $19.99

You can order some Beetlejuice clothing as well as a complimentary item.  There are t-shirts available for men, women, and kids. You got plenty of options for Halloween 2016, courtesy of the guides from Costumehype. Visit our categories above to get the DIY costume guides of your choice.