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Bane from The Dark Knight Rises


If there were a list of super villains that were perfectly portrayed in real life, Bane would definitely be on that list. We saw Bane on more than one occasion in movies, but the best depiction had to be Tom Hardy’s in The Dark Knight Rises. Physique wise and dialogue deliverance wise, Tom was perfect. After the movie released worldwide, the fans were amazed by his performance so much that they immediately donned his Bane costume at Halloween. His costume is easy to adapt. Below is the checklist to his attire.

Bane Bald Cap

Bald Head Skin Cap
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Bane Helmet

Bane Mask
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Bane Vest

Green Military Mens Leather Vest
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Bane Wrist Guard

Bane Wrist Brace
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Bane Pant

TDKR Bane Tactical Pants
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Bane Boots

Black GI Style Combat Boot
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This is what you need to wear Tom Hardy’s Bane costume from the movie. Looks simple and is very easy to get into. These are the essential items you will need to dress as ‘the one who broke Batman’s back’.

Bane Mask Tshirt

Batman Bane Mask T-Shirt
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Bane Toy Set

Batman vs Bane Action Figure
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Bane Mug

Batman Bane Mask Black Mug
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Bane WOmen Tshirt

Bane Gang Insignia T-Shirt
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The above items are a couple of Bane collectibles and clothing you can use in your everyday life. It’s pretty awesome having superhero theme items in your house. People do get very impressed by it. So for more DIY costumes like this, keep visiting our site.