The angel costume is one of the simplest and common costumes you will see girls wear on Halloween. You don’t need a logical explanation for wearing this. There are various levels or versions of an adult angel costume. You can dress like the sexiest looking angel, or you can go for something more elegant and ‘angelic’ like this costume here. If you are the reserve and want to stick to looking simple, this one doesn’t reveal too much skin and can be perfect for you. So, ladies, you can now have the innocent, adorable looking angel costume by following this easy guide.

Angel Costume

Women’s Angel Costume
Available at Amazon: $34.99

Angel WIngs

Adult Angel Wing
Available at Amazon: $24.99

Angel Heels

Rhinestone Glitter Low Heel
Available at Amazon: $13.99

It takes only these three items to look like an angel. How you want to deck yourself up with makeup, is all on you. With the gown and the wings, you are guaranteed to leave an angelic impression on everyone that sees you. Try out this angel costume at your next costume event.

Angel Loose Tshirt

Angel Wings Printed Long Loose T Shirt
Available at Amazon: $13.99

Angel Pink Tshirt

Wings Heart Keyhole T-Shirt
Available at Amazon: $5.50

Angel Necklace

Personalized Car Charm
Available at Amazon: $11.34

You can even place your order for these items that you can wear in your house or as a regularly worn outfit. There is also a charm item that you can use in your car or hang it wherever you like. But do try out our Costumehype guide for your next costume events and let us know your feedback.