Alex Mercer from Prototype


The most violent games usually have the best graphics, that what makes it more enjoyable and entertaining. Real gamers will go to any length to get the complete game, which always requires them to spend money on the best devices. If you want all that and an amazing story-line, then you have to play Prototype. It’s a dark, interesting, and one of the best game plots you will come across. Controlling a character that can change shapes and appearances to eliminate a dangerous virus is always a cool thing to do. Alex Mercer is the hero in this game, and his costume is quite easy to copy. This is how you can have the Alex Mercer costume from the Prototype game.

Prototype Shirt

Dress Shirt Short Sleeve
Available at Amazon: $9.99

Prototype Hoodie

Men’s Zip Hoodie
Available at Amazon: $6.86

Prototype Jacket

Dragon Biker Retro Leather Jacket
Available at Amazon: $179

Prototype Jeans

Relaxed Fit Jean
Available at Amazon: $39.99

Prototype Boots

Buck Fashion Boot
Available at Amazon: $38.80

This costume represents the modern era’s casual style. That’s what makes this one of the best game costumes. Some people won’t know if this is a character’s costume or your random dressing sense. Anyway, the Prototype costume is a great attire to wear at Cosplay events as it’s from one of the most played games ever.

Prototype Jump Tshirt

Prototype “Jump” Black T-Shirt
Available at Amazon: $14.99

Prototype Black Hoodie

Prototype Jacket Design
Available at Redbubble: $49.30

Prototype Arm Tshirt

Morphed Arm White Male T-Shirt
Available at Popcultcha: $29.99

These are some of Prototype’s merchandise you can try out. There are some excellent casual clothing like t-shirts and a hoodie for you to wear on regular basis. This costume is so good looking and knowing what you need is all here. Check Costumehype for more guides like this in the games section.