To all men who intend to look vicious and hairy, a Werewolf Costume is what you must have. One of the most famous mythological creatures ever known and loved has given possible way to make you look like one, using these items below. You don’t need to be cursed to turn into a werewolf. This guide will surely help you a lot.

Werewolf Costume

Werewolf Mask

Men’s Casual Thick Long Sleeve Button Down Plaid Checked Flannel Shirt
Ripped Distressed Wash Denim Jeans
Men’s Killer Wolf Gloves
Men’s Killer Wolf Feet
Werewolf Mask

That can be little tamed, don’t you think? How about this scary, creepy looking version?

Morphsuit Premium Werewolf Costume

Morphsuit Premium Werewolf

That will scare everyone off!!