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Ursula From The Little Mermaid


The sea witch and the primary antagonist to Disney’s “The Little Mermaid”, is none other than Ursula. From her looks point of view, uhm naaa but her dressing yes. You ladies can make character Ursula look hotter with the help of this guide. This guide indicates to create a perfect Ursula Costume using these items below.

Ursula Costume

Ursula Costume Velvet Dress with Tentacle Skirt
Women’s Lucette Lady Dress Pump
Wicked Shadow Shimmering Eyeshadows
Ursula Red Lipstick
Bleach Anime Short Cosplay Wig
Ursula Shell Necklace

It’s a fact that the character is famous, and everybody loves her quotes. There is something more you should take a look at, such as these mugs

Ursula Mugs

Ursula from The Little Mermaid Dress Ceramic Mug
Ursula Ceramic Relief Mug
Keep calm and love Ursula Mug

How about this cool looking purse, which is something you can carry around whenever you go on a hangout or perhaps date.

Ursula Purse

Ursula Envelope Wallet with Chain

If evil isn’t your thing and love being cute instead, then you can always check the costume guide to dressing like Ariel.