This ‘piece’ of clothing has a lot of history and meaning behind it. In Rome during the 2nd Century, a 20ft piece of cloth made of wool that was wrapped around the whole body over a tunic was known as a Toga. Back in the day, this was a sign of cleanliness and decency. This couldn’t be worn anywhere where labor is concerned. It’s the same as when you dress up with guests over. This toga costume can be worn to match the Greek goddess costume and have the perfect, award winning, couples costume for Halloween. This is what you need.

Toga Wreath

Wreath Gold Headpiece
Available at Amazon: $5.08

Toga Costune

Men’s Deluxe Classic Toga
Available at Amazon: $15.40

Toga Sandals

Halloween Roman Boot
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You have never thought of this as your costume, have you? No worries. Follow this Roman costume guide and wow everyone. There aren’t any particular items that you will need to make it look better. A minor thing like the sandals will indeed make you look from the 2nd Century.

Toga Tshirt

Regular Fit Toga Time T-Shirt
Available at Amazon: $25.99

Toga Tshirt Party

Toga Party
Available at Cafepress: $17.95

For more costumes like this, you can keep visiting us. These are some casual wears relating to the Ancient Rome costume. Hope you have a splendid time when you wear the costume at the next event.