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The Son of Odin, all powerful, God Of Thunder, King of Asgard, can be no one but the Mighty Thor. One of the known and loved demigods in Marvel Universe, which attraction built even more after casting Chris Hemsworth and featured in the live action more that became a huge hit, starting from stand-alone to joining the Avengers.

When comes to his suit, full armored and entirely different from the comics. The home-made guide has been made so that you can become a new Thor by the help of these items given below to create your version of Thor Costume. It may not look similar, but you can make it better.

Thor Outfit Costume

Thor Misc Costume

Men’s Compression Base Layer Long Sleeve Top
Avengers Age of Ultron Thor Vest
Mens Classic Straight Fit Thicken Long Trouser
RDX Boots
Adult Thor’s Gauntlets
Red Cape ~ Halloween Costume Accessory
Men’s Avengers 2 Age Of Ultron Adult Thor Wig
Men’s Avengers 2 Age Of Ultron Thor Hammer

There are some T-shirts as well, you can check them out and grab these too.

Thor Collection Tshirts

Thor Two Tshirts

Men’s Distressed Icon Slim Fit T-shirt Coal
Thor Suit Age Of Ultron Costume Slim FitT-Shirt
Thor (superhero) Men’s War Hammer T-shirt
Avengers Character Shirt

What about these Thor Key chains?  Looks cool right? At least you can lift these up.

Thor Keychains

Thor Hammer Pewter Key Ring
The Avengers Marvel Movie Comics Superhero Metal Alloy Keychain