The Flash Characters- Your DIY Costume Guide


You better know the Fastest Man Alive. The Flash that is, who is known for the DC superhero plus the member of Justice League, have gained popularity ever since the release of the television series. Since many loved the The Flash you’re going to love wearing The Flash Costume too. That’s right, as here in front of you is the DIY guide to dress like the Flash Characters. Yes, the characters are mentioned in this too. So check it out.

The Flash Costume


The Flash New Mask

Red Flash Jacket
Stretch Skinny Fit Denim Jeans
Cutters Rev Pro Solid Receiver Gloves
The Flash Barry Allen Leather Cosplay Shoes/Boots
The Flash Mask

What about this Speedster, Jay Garrick

Jay Garrick Costume



Jay Garrick The Flash Jacket
Jay Garrick Helmet
Men’s Genuine Leather Gauntlets
Men’s Captain Brown Boots
Low Rise Stretchy Washing Cotton Cargo Pant
Men’s Leather Belt

And who would forget the next one?

Reverse Flash Costume


The Flash Dr.Harrison Wells Reverse-Flash Costume

Casual Outfits For Women


Since above items are for men, there are something for women to which are also observed and extracted from The Flash television series.

Iris West The Flash Jacket
Lisa Snart The Flash Jacket

That’s the final touch, now check them out. Do comment and share with others.