Jessica Jones


The former Superhero with the ability of immense strength has changed her life by becoming a Private Investigator. When mentioned about Immense Strength, she can lift cars and other heavy objects. Plus she’s a badass, perfect inspiration for women.  Since tremendous changes took place for Daredevil, which was Netflix first Marvel Television series, they haven’t left alone Jessica Jones as well. We noticed her white outfit in the comic which she used in her Superhero days, but in the series is totally different.

Krysten Ritter, who plays Jessica Jones, have able to pull off the outfit which women can follow easily. This DIY guide is the one to follow for creating a perfect Jessica Jones Costume.

Jessica Jones Costume

Jessica Jones Costume

Jessica Jones Black Jacket

Grey Long Tank Top
Women Push Up Skinny Jeans
Women’s Classic Short Boot
Fingerless knit Gloves
Womens Faux Leather Zip Up Moto Biker Jacket

Don’t forget to get a hold onto these casual tees:

Jessica Jones T-Shirts

Jessica Jones Tshirts


Marvel’s Jessica Jones Poster T Shirt For Women Black
Jessica Jones – Alias Investigations – Netflix T-Shirt
Marvel’s Jessica Jones Poster T Shirt
Women’s Tees Jessica Jones Marvel Netflix Logo Black