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Hello Kitty


Hello Kitty started out as an ordinary cute logo back in 1974, but it has gone on to become one of the biggest and famous brands. This Japanese bobtail cat with a bow on its head is loved and adored by kids all over the world. It was created in Japan and first appearing on a small purse, but adapted in the US and appeared on multiple merchandises.  Earning over $5 billion a year shows how this white cat has flourished so much that girls have used her as a costume inspiration. Here is the DIY guide for the Hello Kitty costume.

Hello Kitty Headband

Ear Hair Band
Available at Amazon: $3.36

Hello Kitty Tights

Crewneck Shirt
Available at Amazon: $30.44

Hello Kitty Leggings

Full Length Leggings
Available at Amazon: $8

Hello Kitty Dress

Rockailly Dress
Available at Amazon: $19.89

Hello Kitty Flats

Ballet Flat
Available at Amazon: $32.73

You can already picture yourself looking like Hello Kitty but without any whiskers and a yellow nose. The most important fact is the costume. Once you nail that, you are ready to go for any costume function because you are going to look pretty.

Hello Kitty Lantern

Hello Kitty Lantern
Available at Amazon: $18.49

Hello Kitty Top

Top with Sequins Collar
Available at Amazon: $7.10

Hello Kitty Pink Tshirt

Hello Kitty T Shirt Pink
Available at Amazon: $14.93

Hello Kitty Tshirt

Womens Fashion T-Shirt
Available at Amazon: $25.99

The clothing items present here are very fashionable and will certainly make you look gorgeous. There is a unique gift item in the form of a lantern that you can give toddlers or young girls to keep in their room. That was it for your Hello Kitty costume. Visit regularly for new blogs every day in our categories.