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Green Lantern


The superhero and the intergalactic police officer of the DC comics is Green Lantern, who is also the member of the Justice League. He’s popularly known for using his ring, as his powerful weapon which chose Hal Jordan because of him being “Brave”.  The only human to become the Green Lantern among other aliens is somewhat a motivation, and that is why this guide is made for all Green Lantern followers.  All these items will help to create the Green Lantern costume, so here we go.

Green Lantern Comic Costume

Green Lanter Animated Costume

The original apparel which mostly appeared in every version of the Green Lantern’s comics, and now you get to wear it.  All you need is these to make a Green Lantern costume:

Green Lantern Comic Costume

Green Lantern Costume
Lantern Green Eye Mask
Men’s Hero 100 Engineer Boot

Now the movie, which the first time Green Lantern received his stand alone film played by Ryan Reynolds, and this was the costume he appeared in, which is completely different than how it looks in the comics.

Green Lantern Movie Costume

Green Lantern Movie Costume

Well, atleast 70% resembling to the movie’s outfit.

Green Lantern Movie Outfit Costume

Green Lantern Hal Jordan Costume
Green Lantern Adult Gloves
Men’s Hero 100 Engineer Boot

Are you forgetting something? How can you become a Green Lantern without this?

Green Lantern Ring

Blackest Night Green Lantern Ring Authentic DC Comics Plastic

So now you don’t have just one but two Green Lantern Costumes, different versions, made easy to create. So go ahead, say your oath and become the Green Lantern.